This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
pikes-naflib A java library for manipulating NAF files, forked from the IXA KAFLIB.
pikes-resources A collection of Java classes for accessing and querying a number of NLP resources.
pikes-tintop The TINTOP NLP pipeline, integrating a number of NLP modules, based on the NAF format, and powering PIKES RDF extraction facilities.
pikes-raid A NLP module for opinion extraction (holder/target/expression/polarity) from texts, using SVM and CRF and compatible with the NAF format.
pikes-rdf Extracts RDF from the output of NLP tools encoded in NAF. Includes also rendering facilities of extracted RDF.
pikes-tintop-client The client for TINTOP NLP pipeline.
pikes-depparse-annotation Pikes is a Knowledge Extraction Suite
pikes-twm Pikes is a Knowledge Extraction Suite

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Last Published: 2022/02/04.

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