The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
Functionalities to implement 64 TODO
Implementation notes 0 XXX
Problems to fix 1 FIXME

Each tag is detailed below:

Functionalities to implement

Number of occurrences found in the code: 64

ixa.kaflib.ReadWriteManager Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.twm.MachineLinking Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.tintopclient.TintopOrchestrator Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.tintop.util.framenet.MergeMateFramenet Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.tintop.annotators.raw.Semafor Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.tintop.annotators.NERCustomAnnotator Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.tintop.FolderOrchestrator Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.tintop.AnnotationPipeline Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.resources.util.corpus.Word Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.resources.reader.LKCollectionReader Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.resources.WordNet Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.resources.PredicateMatrix Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.resources.NAFFilter Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.rdf.vocab.KS Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.rdf.util.OWLTime Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.rdf.util.ModelUtil Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.rdf.RDFGenerator Line Line Line Line Line Line Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.query.TermExtractor Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.query.Term Line
eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.naflib.Corpus Line
this uses Util, a class included in utils-svm 66
--No comment-- 71
entity:XXX treated as anonymous instances else if (model.contains(uri, FOAF.NAME, null)) { terms.add(new Term(documentID, Layer.URI_CUSTOM, uri.getLocalName())); knownEntities.add(uri); } 330
move to a utility class 28
--No comment-- 64
--No comment-- 70
this is an hack to deal with VUA non-opinionated fake opinions 131
Alessio 187
Alessio 203
Mauro 295
Alessio 106
Alessio 151
--No comment-- 132
change this namespace 142
.put("conn", "") 144
the code below is madness... :-( 534
support SET? 855
originally the following check was enforced if (!typeURIs.isEmpty()) { } 952
--No comment-- 958
factuality should be better handled 1082
Drop R-AX 1294
define RDFModel (quad extension of Model) and KSModel (with methods specific to KS schema) 18
we only replace illegal characters, but we should also check and fix the IRI structure 159
--No comment-- 111
handle periods of day 149
this implementation allows for missing fields: should we allow them? 421
we currently ignore expressions such as PXD (some days) and limit ourselves to precisely quantified expressions. Still, it would be important to represent this kind of information in a fuzzy way (e.g. P1D <= PXD <= P10D) 617
--No comment-- 66
--No comment-- 68
--No comment-- 70
--No comment-- 74
--No comment-- 76
--No comment-- 102
--No comment-- 104
--No comment-- 106
disabled 216
consider multiwords 553
remove once fixed - normalize Semafor roles if (this.srlEnableSemafor) { for (final Predicate predicate : document.getPredicates()) { if (predicate.getId().startsWith("f_pr") || "semafor".equalsIgnoreCase(predicate.getSource())) { for (final Role role : predicate.getRoles()) { role.setSemRole(""); final Term head = NAFUtils.extractHead(document, role.getSpan()); if (head != null) { final Span<Term> newSpan = KAFDocument.newTermSpan(Ordering.from( Term.OFFSET_COMPARATOR).sortedCopy( document.getTermsByDepAncestors(ImmutableList.of(head)))); role.setSpan(newSpan); } } } } } 925
remove alignments from PM for (final Predicate predicate : document.getPredicates()) { if (!predicate.getId().startsWith("f_pr") && !"semafor".equalsIgnoreCase(predicate.getSource())) { NAFUtils.removeRefs(predicate, "FrameNet", null); for (final Role role : predicate.getRoles()) { NAFUtils.removeRefs(role, "FrameNet", null); } } } 944
Auto-generated catch block 182
need better mapping 44
--No comment-- 264
gz/bz2??? 124
should only include annotation for the selected files 145
better management of possibilities 25
Always set paragraph 1 233
use parameters 101
use parameters 168
we could check the models to see which ones use lemmas and which ones use pos tags 190
add timeout as a parameter 26
verificare parentesi 43
aggiungere semlink 44
separare estrazioni 45
verificare + 46
dividere nofb su altro file 47
use a better method to add FrameNet links to FrameBase 61
check ontonotes or not 645
check senses 939
add type (for PB 1.7, for example) 1525
use parameters 82
use parameters 186
this is really bad! 34
add to conf 116
read facts, ssts, wordnet, linkedEntities, topics, topics in linkedEntities FRANCESCO: should be done now (but perhaps check my code) 14

Implementation notes

Number of occurrences found in the code: 0

Problems to fix

Number of occurrences found in the code: 1

eu.fbk.dkm.pikes.eval.PrettyTurtle Line
Comments currently ignored. 215

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